Rio: We give our all for England

Rio Ferdinand insists England players take immense pride in playing for their country and put in 100% every game. The goalless draw between Fabio Capello’s side and group leaders Montenegro at Wembley last night ended in the home team being booed off, and England still trail their opponents by three points. England do have a game in hand and Ferdinand is already contemplating the return game with Montenegro as a…


Alastair Cook and The Monkey’s Paw

The Monkey’s Paw is a classic, short horror story by WW Jacobs. I first read it in a compendium that I got from the school book club, and I can still remember how terrified it made me. It’s about a strange talisman that grants its owners three wishes. The couple that have it wish first for money, which they get when their son is killed in a factory accident. Their…


Afridi’s Secret Diary: Aluminium Association of My Child School

I’m return. I not righting the dairy for a long time. The because was I being very busy like nobody’s business. Playing cricket and thinking what be the good time for next retirement not being easy. Outside that, I visited my child school last weak. It was many emotional. So many memories — of rising over bench, being chicken for not doing homeworks, stealing paranthas from friend’s tipping box ……


The Baggy Green team that regained the urn

I wrote many times that we would win the Ashes. I noted that if our batting clicked into place we would win as it would give our bowlers consistent opportunities to defend totals of competitive substance, rather than defend totals in desperate attempts to stay in the game. Consistency was a key, as was self-belief, balancing experience and upcoming players. Fortunately, this time around it occurred and it proved the…


FIFA World Cup First Week Review

It’s a matter of great relief that the first week of the FIFA World Cup, that ultimate burglary alarm, ended without any on-field homicide, though a couple of players came dangerously close to that. None of them are Indians though, one can proudly add, owing partially to the fact that we find making the St. Stephen’s cut-off list a greater challenge and hence don’t waste time trying to qualifying for…