Flipper practice

August 1, 2017

After Saturdays horrific game against Hadleigh and Thundersley, I came away thinking I need to have a least one variation other than the subtle variations in my leg break. The ball that nearly got the batsman that had me thinking about giving the game up (Keith Klein) was my off-spinning out the front of the hand flipper (Double click image below). I haven’t bowled regular Flippers of any type for…


A page from Rajinikanth’s diary

July 21, 2017

0615: Woke up the Sun, full three nanoseconds late. Threatened to fire it and replace it with a giant LED. It offered Rajininamaskar though. 0620: Fed eucalyptus leaves to Corny and let it roam in my garden before sending it back to the basement park. Imagine the mayhem if someone sees my pet unicorn. 0645: Went for a walk, the air is so toxic. Breathed in filter mode, knitting my…


Application For The Post Of Team India Head Coach

June 29, 2017

ToShri Sachin TendulkarShri Sourav GangulyShri VVS Laxman Subject: Application for Head Coach, Team India Dear Sirs, This is in response to your advertisement for the post of Head Coach, Team India. Kindly convey my sincere thanks to Anil Kumble Sir, for creating a vacancy when the job market is shrinking like hemline in summer. I don’t really know why he quit but can make an educated guess that he paid…


Cricket and psychogeography number 3: Tilford – Billy at rest

June 23, 2017

This pub sign, unearthed in Barnham, West Sussex but originating from an establishment a couple of hundred yards from where it now stands, bears the image of ‘Silver’ Billy Beldham in his dotage [read part one of Billy’s story here]. It comes from the Cricketers in Wrecclesham, which itself is now a restaurant called The Bengal Lounge, but which Billy frequented with his brother in law and batting mentor John…


Wrist-Spin Bowling – Blog

June 20, 2017

Wrist-Spin Bowling – Blog New post over at my website – First game of the season with some of the 2nd and 3rd XI players in a friendly. Click the link at the top for the details – subject opening balls of the spell and eliminating ‘The Looseners’. Wrist Spin Bowling


Yama-Yudhisthir Q&A

June 19, 2017

Yama: Why were sunglasses invented?Yudhisthir: So that shy men can ogle at women while keeping a clear conscience. Yama: How to be happy? Yudhisthir: Fake it. If you can successfully fake happiness, that would sadden your enemies, which in turn would make you genuinely happy. Yama: Cats apparently have nine lives, but dogs have just one. Why?Yudhisthir: That’s the price you pay for being man’s best friend. Nobody likes us…